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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  September 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:33pm EDT

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this as a sixth night of protests now underway. plus--the wake county sheriff--threateni ng to pull his deputies out of public schools. the policy that has him saying enough is enough. eyewitness news at ten starts right now. we're following several new and breaking stories, tonight---includin g a midnight curfew lifted in the city of charlotte. good evening i'm heather waliga. more on another night of protests happening now in the queen city. but we begin with breaking news-- the golfing world has lost a legend. we just learned---arnold palmer has died at the age of 87. joe mazur is tracking the breaking news and has the latest. the sports world loses another legend -- the one from the game of golf.
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ttsburgh hospital today at the age of 87. palmer won seven major championships and gure on and off the course. his popularity spawning a ckname for his fans called "arnies army". the last of his 62 victories on the pga tour coming in 1973. well into his retirement palmer's course design company constructed local tracks in the triangle like brier creek country club and lonnie pool at n-c state. admitted to the hospital on thursday as complications arose from a previous heart condition. also developing right now. charlotte's mayor lifting the midnight curfew. the curfew was put in place following wednesday night's violent protests. people took to the streets to protest over the police shooting death of keith
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night of demonstrations is underway. dejuan hoggard is live in uptown charlotte with the latest, dejuan? heather, certainly a contrast to some of the footage we saw last week. tonight, a peaceful protest in marshall park -- full of a lot of love and understanding. :19-:23 1:00-1:08 a different tone this evening. nat pop a day after charlotte- mecklenburg police release footage of the shooting death of keith lamont leaders made their way to marshall park to pass out donuts, pray for people, and listen to those who have a message. doug harold, steele creek community church "violence is not the swer on any sideso've enjoyed being ou here. i love talking to these guys. we n't age, w don't line up. but that's ok. i can still love that person. love goes beyond color." one grandmher, who declined to give us her name, said she could no longer sit at home
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"e e menn televisiolast night said don't sit home and suor us. come out here in the street and support us. so here i am." as charlotte enters its sixth night of protests, the people gathered tonight at marshall park, came to fill the air with their voice yet again. cathay dawkins "we're out here to show that we have a voice, to exercise our constitutional right. and to show that if you don't stand up for justice, who else is going to d and with ng the beginning of the work week, uptown charlotte will be back to busins as ual. cathay dawkins "there are people out here that are wyers that are part of all spectrums of the dn't say the otestors are unemployed or don't have anything el to do. we just don't want to sit on our couch and not do anything." the city planning to hold a public forum tomorrow at city hall. and the state naacp will be meeting here at marshall
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hoggard, abc11 eyewitness news. this was the scene earlier today outside bank of america stadium. protesters demanding justice--in the adly police shootinof keith scott. crowds faced off with police dressed in riot gear outside the stadium. meanwhile--police say they found a pistol inside a man's bag as he tried to enter bank of america bruce garmon. police say he had an unloaded pistol and a fully loaded magazine. a sex assault--rattling nerves tonight on the nc-state campus. it happened when a female student says a man fondled her around 11 o'clock last night near the bell tower. tim pulliam live tonight with the latest on the investigation. there are some challenges with this investigation. the description of the man is vague. and campus police
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students a surprised it happened at one of nc states most notable landmarks. :15-:20 :38-:44 :51-:57 1:20-1:22 the report of a female student sexually assaulted by nc state's iconi memorial bell tower is spreading through campus. the tower is a sacred place for dillon lee to collect his thoughts, but the attack disturbs him. dillon lee/senior sot 194231 you would think people would have more respect for females around here. i would like to see this place kept safe for all students. the student says she was walking toward the bell tower after leaving the courtyard when a man grabbed her from behind, shoving his hand in her pants and fondled her. police say she managed to break free. the man took off. students are shocked. sot xifan dng/freshman 195118 it's so weird. guy you don't know him d he puts his arms around you. police say it
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students say they got text alert. sot gunnar nuxolo/junior 144259 a friend of mine brought it up and we were all just surprised. 144302 we were really surprised that it would happen in such a public place police say there is no video of the incident. the attackers description is vagueso police don't know if he is a student or not. and a motive is unclear. tonight investigators are urging students to eliminate distractions like texting or using headphones, and always walk with a group. it's safety measure students lara queck and ester lee try to do, but admit it is not always lara queck sot 143405 i definitely hope they can find this guy. police say people can always call them if they need a safety escort. they are also asking students to call them if they see or hear someone in trouble. also at n-c person is dead after a motorcyle crash on fraternity
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o'clock last night. police say matthew billings drove his motorcycle into the back of an s- u-v. billings later died at the hospital. police believe speed was a factor in the crash. no charges have been filed. to vote 2016 now. it's the debate that's expected to draw 'super bowl-like' audiences. hillary clinton squaring off with donald trump--tomorrow night in prime time. 100-million people are expected to tune-in....making it the most watched politcal showdown in american history. the debate comes news poll shows the race tightening. right now...clinton is holding the lead at 46- percent----trump just two points behind. today...surrogate s from both camps--took to morning talk shows to blast the other candidate. while both candidates spent
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meetings with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. and hillary clinton will be back in the tarheel state day after her first head-to-head debate with donald trump. she is expected to speak at a democratic party event at wake tech at one p-m. and you can count on abc 11 to be there to provide live coverage of her speech online. we'll also have a full wrap of the event....starting on eyewitness news baseball world is mourning the loss of young supstaritcher "jose fernandez". the marlins pitcher was killed--in a boating accident ear this morning near miami beach. police say the boat hit jetty and overturned. two other people also died. fernandez--was one of the best pitchers in baseball--being named to two all-star games in his short career. marlins manager don mattingly--emotion al today as he described the loss. the marlins
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today. tributes took place in every major league park this afternoon. new details tonight-- about the n police say ot nd killed five people at a washington state mall. officers arrested - night--as he walked along a sidewalk. police described "cetin" as acting 'zombie like'. today--officers were scene carrying boxe from his apartment. we also learned cetin immigrated here from turkey. he was previously arrested for assault. investigators say they are still trying to figure out why he opene fire at the mall--located about 65 miles north of seattle. jury sectins tomrow--ie trial of the accused chrlesto
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hundreds potential rors--will fill out questionaires--ask ing what they now about th case. roof--is charged with killing nine black parishoners during a bible study at the historic a-m-e churh. he face the death penalty if convicted. the wake county sheriff is fed up when it comeso a local school policy. next on eyewitness news---why the lack of a transgender bathroom policy--has the pulling his deputies from schools. plus--gunfire erupts near a college campus--leaving several people injured. what we are learning about the investigation tonight. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center
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six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft, and she had touched so manchildren's lives on the state board of education. the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems at the state crime lab that he discovered when he became attorney general. now governor mccrory is attacking mr. cooper, trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families.
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a shooting at a starbucks leaves one person dead. it happened this morning--when police say two men got into an argument. one of them pulled out a gun andned fire. 14 customers and employees were inside at the time. they were not hurt. the shooter was taken into custody a short time later. a bomb squad also searched the suspect's find anything. three people are dead after two planes collided in upstate new york. it happened outside buffalo. authorities are working to figure out why the small planes hit each other. no one on the ground was hurt. the n-t-s-b is now investigating. gunfi erupts at a college party--killing one person and wounding four others. it happened early this morning near the university of illinois at urbana champaign. then about half an hour later--another
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so far--no arrests have been made. police believe the shooting incidents may be connected. the wake county sheriff is fired up--about the lack f transgender access licies i wake county hos. and now he could 'pull' his deputies from campuses. anthony wilson sat down wit harrison and explains why having 'no' uniform policy makes it hard for his deputies to enforce the rules. wake sheriff donnie harrison's talking about his
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in a
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says... "each of wake county's schools has at least one single-stall restroom on campus, which is typically reserved for faculty and is certainly an option for accommodating transgender students." you can watch the full interview with sheriff harrison--right now on a-b-c 11 dot-com. :25 band 27 singing 19-23 - dancing dancing and signing and a mix
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taking over fayetteville street today...for la fiesta del pueblo. the event brings people together from several countries through food...and festivities. this is the third year for the event held just outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. many of the hundreds of people who strolled fayetteville street stopped by the abc11 tent to connect with our crew.. test their weather skills and get some swag. and our own steve daniels and stephanie lopez took the stage to performers throughout the day. meteorologist liz horton is here now with the forecast. liz horton is here now with the forecast. a stationary boundary is forecast to linger just south of the triangle tonight. skies will be overcast, and patchy drizzle is
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to mid 60s. a mostly dry day is in the forecast monday, although we can'tulout some patchy drizzle here and there. skies will cloudy, as the stationary boundary lifts back north as a warm front. at the same time, a cold front will approach us from the west, producing a few showers late monday night. high temperatures monday will be in the upper 70s and lower 80s. the front will tuesday, bringing a few showers and thunderstorms. wednesday and into thursday could be the recipe for a heavy rain event in parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast. some models show an area of low pressure swirling over the mid- atlantic, pumping tropical moisture along i-95. skies will likely remain somewhat cloudy through thursday before clearing some by the
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for the panther's offense-- the team loses to the minesota viking. next in sports--quarterb a cam newton reacts to the loss. while police outside the
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stadium braced for trouble -- stadium braced for trouble -- inside the panthers didn't appear to be ready for the disruption caused by the vikings. cam newton was sacked eight times in the loss -- second most of his career. nc stat swimmer ryan held brought his gold medal to charlotte for some ceremonial drumming pre- game carolina heading downstream at the start -- closing in on the all-time franchise record for another with his 45th - 10-0 carolina. but protecting cam wasn't working. daniel hunters -- gets to newton in the endzone -- that a's safety. e non traditional points from the vikings -- marcus sherels -- 54 yard punt return. the panthers would alsmiss a field goal -- so special teams not so special. newton was intercepted three times -- terence newman makes a
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pure people eaters defense kept lvin benjamin without a atch -- and the panthers have their rst loss at home since november of 2014. settling forie goals isn't usually a recipe for victory in the n-f-. five of them and sprinkle in some touchdowns which is what washington did this afternoon in new york. o'dell beckham and josh norman get warned not to repeat last years
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with another big afternoon on a sunday -- kirk cousins hits him on 3rd and 15 -- crowder does the heavy lifting -- 55 yards of it. washington takes a lead 23-21. eli manning tells beckham -- hey man - need you to make a play -- so -- he does -- beckham - shoves norman aside -- shows the skills taking it down to the five. but all new york would turn the ball over -- manning throws the pick -- -- in fact manning tosses two down the dunbar with that one-- beckham then loses a battle with the kicking net-- and washington next their first this season. the broncos continue to thrive without peyton manning. rookie trevor siemian threw four touchdown passes in his first road test. siemian with a 41 yarder to emamanuel sanders to get it started. he was 23 of 35 for 312 yards passing. sanders caught a pair of scores and
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down by a point late in the game -- simien engineered two 80-plus yard drives to pull out the upset demaryius thomas with the knockout punch. the broncos win it by tweleve and the defending champs are three and oh - it was a bitter sweat saturday for duke. they beat notre dame but lost senior defensive back devon edwards for the season. edwards tore ligaments in his left knee in the first half against the irish. he is a three time all- america an specialist. instead of the ap poll-- going to show you the coaches version this week. you'll see why in a sec. bama and o-s-u one-two. the coaches have clemson at three -- louisville at four. florida state and miami in that second ten - and look who's back -- north carolina returns to the polls at 23rd. the tar heels aren't ranked in the ap poll. unc with a trip to tallahassee up
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golf's playoff. dustin johnson was the guy to beat -- but he started the final round with too many errant shots. he was two over after nine holes and never recovered finishing with a 73 and tied for sixth. mcilroy starts to feel it at 16 -- he was three shots down at that point -- and then -- down at that point -- and then -- mcilroy holes the pitching wedge from 137 yards out. an eagle puts him right back in contention. at 18 -- he's chipping from the out as well. the biridie however forces a playoff with ryan moore. they would play four extra holes -- and back on the 16th - mcilroy feeling his lucky hole again -- he knocks in the 15 footer and simultaneously wins two trophies -- the tour championship and the fedex cup. in doing so, mcilroy collects eleven and a half million bucks. you're supposed to save the donuts for after the race -- but with 37 laps to go michael mcdowell cut a tire, and that causes him to spin on track and that
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